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MediaMisterAre you planning to buy Soundcloud followers from MediaMister? Well then read our MediaMister review before deciding to buy SoundCloud followers from them!
MediaMister ReviewMediaMister Review
December 26, 2019

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Mediamister Review


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MediaMister Review: In Brief

If you expect to be taken seriously on SoundCloud, you need to present yourself as credible. Buying social proof can certainly help, but who can you trust to deliver the goods? That’s the question we set out to answer by placing an order with MediaMister. We requested the delivery of 500 SoundCloud Followers, 500 SoundCloud Plays, 500 SoundCloud Likes and 500 SoundCloud Reposts, which were promptly added to our account.

On the whole, we were genuinely impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the entire process. The prices quoted by MediaMister were among the lowest we’ve come across – especially when considering the authenticity of their SoundCloud services. We were also more than satisfied with the customer support provided, which rounded-off a superb experience from start to finish. If the rest of their services are as good as their SoundCloud services, we can only give our full backing to the folks at MediaMister.

MediaMister Review: In Detail

About MediaMister

According to the official blurb, MediaMister is owned and operated by a trio of social media marketing experts. Initially specialising in social proof for more generic platforms, they recently introduced a bunch of premium services for SoundCloud. In total, they’ve provided social signals for more than 50,000 customers, which is a pretty impressive number.

We personally wanted to see how they performed for SoundCloud users, but the MediaMister website also advertises services for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and Vine. Finding what you need is pretty easy, using the simplified navigation bar or top of the page. And as mentioned previously, the prices quoted are surprisingly low.

Service Plans

In order to put the team at MediaMister through its paces, we placed a simultaneous order for 500 SoundCloud Followers, Shares, Likes and Reposts at the same time. We figured that if they were as good as they said they were, they’d have no problem delivering everything at the same time. Which they did.

Terms and Guarantees

If looking to promote your work or your profile on SoundCloud, we strongly recommend checking the seller’s terms and conditions ahead of time. It’s not the most enjoyable job, but you still need to see what you’re getting yourself into. A basic overview of our findings at MediaMister is outlined below:

Terms and Conditions
  • The Terms of Service on the MediaMister website are fair, clear and easy to understand.
  • MediaMister can refuse to provide any of its services at any time.
Privacy Policy
  • MediaMister publishes a simple and reassuring Privacy Policy.
  • Personal information is never sold or distributed for marketing purposes.
Refund Policy
  • A refund policy applies and may be invoked if the SoundCloud services ordered are not provided within the specified period of time.
  • Customers may only claim refunds if delays or disruptions are the fault of MediaMister and could therefore have been avoided.
Retention Policy
  • MediaMister covers all SoundCloud services with an impressive 180-day retention guarantee.

Customer Support

Likewise, it’s a good idea to know what kind of people you’re dealing with, before diving in at the deep end. The last thing you want is to find yourself in need of support and advice, only to find the SoundCloud specialist you’re working with doesn’t give a damn. Or worse still, doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing. The way we see it, customer support should be considered a deal-breaker.

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

As part of our evaluation process, we submit a series of questions to see how SoundCloud specialists respond to customers’ queries. We contacted MediaMister through live-chat, simply because it was quicker and more convenient.

Our Questions
When will you begin delivering my order?

"We always work hard to get started as quickly as possible, completing the delivery of most orders in no more than 72 hours.”

What if I don’t see anything during this time?

"If you don’t receive your order as promised, you’ll have the option of claiming a refund.”

Will everything be delivered at the same time?

"No – unnatural delivery rates may alert SoundCloud to what’s happening. We prefer to keep things safe by staggering the delivery process over a couple of days.”

What do your Followers look like?

“They look exactly the same as the real thing. We take authenticity very seriously and only ever provide Followers from real and active SoundCloud of accounts.”

What if anyone discovers I bought social proof?

"It’s not likely to happen, unless you tell them personally. As we mentioned before, just as long as you buy authentic signals for SoundCloud, you’re safe.”

Will the Followers I buy interact with my music or profile?

"In most instances, no. Buying Followers is simply about increasing the numbers to boost your credibility, rather than actually buying genuine fans of your music.”

What if SoundCloud closes my account?

"It’s not going to happen. You only put your account at risk if you use fake and spammy social signals that are easy to detect. This has never happened with any of our SoundCloud services and never will.”

Post-Order Questions and Responses

Along with initial customer support and consultancy, it’s also worth seeing what kind of aftercare is included in the deal. Far too many SoundCloud specialists vanishing into thin air after taking your cash. In the case of MediaMister, they got back to us surprisingly quickly and provided us with the following answers to our questions:

Our Questions
How does your retention guarantee work?

"If any of the social signals you bought vanish from your SoundCloud account in the first 180 days, we will replace them free of charge. Just let us know if it happens.”

Is it Illegal to buy signals on SoundCloud?

"Absolutely not. You won’t even be breaking their terms of service, if you stick with authentic signals from real SoundCloud accounts.”

What other SoundCloud Services do you offer?

“SoundCloud comments can be a good way of generating discussion and building hype. We’d advise giving them a go if you haven’t already.”

Do you offer discounts on repeat orders?

“Of course! Just give us a shout before you place your next order and we’ll e-mail you a coupon code.”

Are you sure SoundCloud won’t find out?

“Yes. You only stand to be detected if the social proof you use to market your tracks and profile comes from fake and fraudulent accounts. Ours doesn’t, so you’re safe.”

Order Recommendations

MediaMister markets its SoundCloud services to artists and musicians at all levels. However, their services could prove particularly useful for newcomers to SoundCloud. If looking to get things off to the strongest possible start, social proof is a good way of going about it. Judging by our own experience with MediaMister, the quality of their SoundCloud services and the promptness of delivery make them perfect for up-and-coming artists.

Daily Turnaround Time

Speaking of which, we placed our order for 500 SoundCloud Followers, Shares, Likes and Reposts on a Monday afternoon. We saw the first new Followers being added to our account within a couple of hours, while the delivery process in full was completed by Wednesday lunchtime. MediaMister also overdelivered on our order very slightly, which was a bonus.

Quality of SoundCloud Services

As promised, there was no evidence to suggest that any of the social signals delivered came from anything but authentic and active SoundCloud accounts. We were particularly impressed by the SoundCloud Followers provided by MediaMister, which in our eyes at least were indistinguishable from the real thing. Realistic names, profile pictures, evidence of recent activity, Followers of their own – everything was as it should be. Hands-down, some of the most authentic SoundCloud signals we’ve ever come across.

Retention Rate

We clarified the company’s 180-day retention guarantee in our questions, which is hugely reassuring. Our order was delivered approximately five weeks ago, and we’ve not yet seen any significant drops, so we’ve had no reason to invoke their retention warranty.


Once again, the importance of building and protecting your reputation on SoundCloud cannot be overstated. Of all the social networks, this is perhaps the most important for musicians looking to present themselves as credible and authentic. Hence, taking chances on low-quality SoundCloud signals really isn’t the way to go.

All of which is precisely why we strongly recommend checking out MediaMister. In terms of authenticity, quality and value for money, we’re yet to encounter a more capable SoundCloud specialist.


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Christopher Avant
I ordered the soundcloud followers and it was delivered in few couple of days. I did not expect this fast delivery. Thank you Mediamister

Don Williams
I have been a loyal customer of you and all the orders have been delivered with the extraordinary services. My Soundcloud is in good shape and you are the first reason for it to take this credit. Love Mediamister

Don Williams
I have been a loyal customer of you and all the orders have been delivered with the extraordinary services. My Soundcloud is in good shape and you are the first reason for it to take this credit. Love Mediamister

Richard Gray
It has been such a wonderful service every time I order likes and plays with you. You should deserve million likes for the services you deliver to customers like me. Absolutely great.

Joshua Porter
In the past few years, I have been to several online sites to order the followers for my soundcloud and most of them were not reliable like you. You are best of the best. Thank you so much for this wonderful service

Jamie Jacobson
Without your service, I cannot imagine my position with the Soundcloud. All the likes and followers that I ordered with you are stable. Thank you for your reliable service.

James Harvey
It was required for me to have 50 soundcloud comments to my track. So I ordered with Mediamister. In a few days of time, I got the comments that can boost up my track. This was really helpful.

Samuel Love
I would call Mediamister is an expert in delivering the Soundcloud services. I ordered all the Soundcloud followers, likes, plays and comments. Everything was delivered on time. This is really great and leading with every service you deliver.

Brandon Goetsch
You will always be my first point of contact whenever I order Soundcloud services. Without your services, my tracks would have not got 10000 plays. You made it so popular. Thanks a ton for this great effort and service

Virginia McPeak
I ordered the 10 soundcloud comments for my every track and they delivered it within a day of time. Thank you so much mediamister

Jamie Landry
You make me write this to you with your extraordinary services. Ever since I ordered the soundcloud services with you, I never thought of some other service provider. You are proving the best every time. Wonderful Mediamister.