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GetAFollowerAre you planning to buy SoundCloud Followers from Well then read our GetAFollower review before deciding to purchase their services.
GetAFollower ReviewGetAFollower Review
December 26, 2019

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GetAFollower Review


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GetAFollower Review: An Overview

Getting ahead on SoundCloud means ensuring people take you seriously. Precisely where social proof comes into the equation. The problem being that of all the SoundCloud specialists selling Followers, Shares, Likes and so on, comparatively few can be trusted. Make the mistake of buying spammy social proof for SoundCloud and it could be game-over.

On the plus side, you occasionally come across an impressive SoundCloud specialist that means business. In the case of GetAFollower, that’s exactly what you’re looking at. Having put these guys through their paces, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any SoundCloud user. In terms of both quality and value for money, GetAFollower has well and truly raised the bar for SoundCloud specialists.

GetAFollower Review: In Depth

About GetAFollower

We only recently came across GetAFollower for the first time, but they’ve apparently been doing their thing for more than five years. Staffed by a team of talented social media marketing specialists, their services extend to pretty much every major platform you can think of. We were only interested in SoundCloud this time, but couldn’t help but be impressed by the huge range of services provided. Not to mention, prices that seemed almost too good to be true.

To see if this was the case, we placed an order for SoundCloud Followers, SoundCloud plays, SoundCloud Likes and SoundCloud Reposts – 500 of each, to be exact. Quantities were available from around 50 up to hundreds of thousands, but we figured we’d get a good insight with an order for 500. Having now seen what these guys are capable of, we wouldn’t hesitate to order more WAY more!

Service Plans

The complete catalogue of SoundCloud services available is huge, with price points to suit all budgets. They also offer a comprehensive suite of services for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and so on – again, with packages to suit all needs. GetAFollower claims to offer nothing but 100% authentic social proof from active accounts which, if true, would be seriously impressive for these kinds of prices.

Terms and Guarantees

You can typically tell a lot about a SoundCloud specialist, simply by delving into their terms of service and general policies. Boring as it may be, it’s essential to know what you’re getting yourself into, should you go ahead and sign on the dotted line. In the case of GetAFollower, our basic findings are outlined below:

Terms and Conditions
  • GetAFollower keeps things simple and doesn’t complicate its terms of service with meaningless jargon and needless complexities.
  • The company’s terms of service document may be updated on a regular basis.
Privacy Policy
  • Privacy Policy published by GetAFollower addresses the vast majority of basic security concerns.
  • Customers’ private information is never sold or distributed by GetAFollower for promotional or marketing purposes.
Refund Policy
  • A conditional refund policy is offered by GetAFollower on all products and services.
  • Customers will only qualify for refunds in the event that GetAFollower is found to be completely responsible for the respective delay or disruption.
Retention Policy
  • GetAFollower maximises peace of mind by offering an impressive 180-day retention warranty on all sales.

Customer Support

Likewise, put a brand’s customer support team to the test and you’ll soon see what they’re all about. We always advise working exclusively with SoundCloud specialists who take customer support seriously. Unless they’re happy to lend a hand when you need them, you’re better off taking your money elsewhere. In the case of GetAFollower, all communication took place by way of live-chat.

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

Each time we reached out to GetAFollower, we received a response in a matter of minutes. You’ll find more information regarding the questions we asked and the answers we were provided with below:

Our Questions
How long does the whole thing takes take?

“In most cases, everything is wrapped up within a couple of days. We’ll try to ensure the items you order start arriving after an hour or two.”

How does your money-back guarantee work?

“If we don’t manage to deliver your SoundCloud services as promised, you can apply for some or all of your money back. Nevertheless, we’ll do everything we can to ensure you’re happy with the results.”

Do you need my passwords for SoundCloud?

“Absolutely not. None of the services we provide require direct access to your SoundCloud account. To be honest, you shouldn’t be handing your passwords out to anyone under any circumstances.”

Could I request a sample of your work?

“We don’t offer free trials or samples, but our cheapest SoundCloud services will give you an idea of what we do.”

Will it be obvious I bought Followers and Likes?

“Not a chance. We use an exclusive strategy that enables us to deliver 100% authentic SoundCloud signals from genuine accounts. Hence, there’s nothing fake about them.”

Why should I pay extra for real social signals?

“Because you need to safeguard your reputation on SoundCloud. Fake social proof that outs you as a fraud isn’t going to do you any favours!”

My account is safe, right?

“With us, the answer is yes. We prioritise the safety and security of our customers over everything else. We’ve never encountered any problems to date.”

Post-Order Questions and Responses

Aftercare is also worth considering – you never know when you’ll need help at a later date. So as always, we submitted a series of questions to GetAFollower and awaited their responses. Once again, our questions were answered in a matter of minutes (via live-chat) and the responses provided are outlined below:

Our Questions
Will the Followers I buy interact with my music?

"It’s impossible to say, but in most instances it’s unlikely. Buying SoundCloud Followers is all about boosting your image and credibility, rather than buying actual listeners.”

Are you sure my SoundCloud profile is safe?

“Absolutely. We specifically ensure that the services we provide comply with SoundCloud’s terms and conditions to keep you safe.”

Can you guarantee the effectiveness of your services?

“It’s difficult to offer any concrete guarantees, because it all depends on you and your music. But if you’re not happy, you can always get in touch to discuss a refund.”

Can I get a discount on my next order?

“Of course! Get in touch on here before you buy and we’ll offer you a special deal.”

Order Recommendations

GetAFollower offers a huge range of services for artists and musicians worldwide. Social proof for SoundCloud can be a great way of gaining a competitive edge and building credibility. This would therefore mean newcomers to SoundCloud (and struggling artists in general) could benefit by boosting their image with social signals. There are also endless products and packages available for all other major platforms.

Daily Turnaround Time

The Followers we ordered began appearing on our account at around the three-hour mark, while everything else showed up a little later. Everything was delivered in around 36 hours from the time we placed our order – exactly as promised by GetAFollower.

Quality of SoundCloud Services Provided

We know sub-par social proof when we see it. We’ve been doing what we do for long enough to draw a line between authentic social signals and pure garbage. In the case of GetAFollower, the SoundCloud Followers, Shares, Likes and reposts we received were all as good as it gets. We always scratch beneath the surface, to determine just how authentic and convincing these kinds of social signals really are. GetAFollower massively exceeded our expectations in all areas – genuinely credible and authentic-looking signals for SoundCloud.

Retention Rate

GetAFollower overdelivered to the tune of around 2% in total, meaning we got a few extra bits and pieces for our money. This also meant that despite having shed a few Followers over the course of the first month, we didn’t need to invoke their retention warranty.


In total, we’ve probably evaluated close to 100 SoundCloud specialists to date. Which in most instances have fallen spectacularly at the first hurdle. We’ve come to expect very little, but every now and again we encounter a rare exception like GetAFollower.

In particular, the SoundCloud Followers they delivered were no less than outstanding. Everything else was superb, but the Followers really stood out as first-rate. We couldn’t have been happier with the customer support provided, or the overall value for money of the transaction.

Long story short therefore – GetAFollower is a top-rated SoundCloud specialist we’d absolutely recommend checking out.


User Ratings

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Terrence Ryan
Getafollower is my favorite and I write this because I have complete peace of mind and never worried about the delivery. They deliver the authentic soundcloud followers and likes to my tracks.

Monica Lawson
I ordered 250 soundcloud reposts and they were delivered within the timeframe specified and really impressed with your services. Million thanks to you, Getafollower

Cristi Wheeler
The only website I can suggest to my friends is you. You made my Soundcloud likes order completed within the speculated time frame and slowly as insisted on chat. Thank you Getafollower.

Crystal Thompson
I know not ordered the all the 10000 play count to my single track and wanted to split those play counts. I did reach customer support on chat and was able to customize or edit the order. Thank you Getafollower and for your timely customer support

Richard Donaldson
You are the one who took my music to next level by increasing the play count and making it heard by everyone. Thank you so much Getafollower

Stephen Cordova
I wanted my song to get promoted and my order with getafollower increased my followers count. This made my song to reach larger audience. Super recommended.

Eric Spells
While many service sites are available in this competitive world, I just gave a try with you for my first order. But you made me to order the services several times and this happened only because of your best services. Amazing services.

Lidia Mason
I ordered 1000 soundcloud likes to my track to give a boost to it. The order was delivered within the 3 days of time. I am really convinced with your services. Thank you for your wonderful services, Getafollower

Angela Price
I have been to different sites and you are the only one who can understand customers very well. Thanks for the holiday coupon that you offered to us and this made us to do the bulk orders and get a great service from you. Keep doing the good job.