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If you want to buy social signals to boost your performance on SoundCloud, you absolutely can. Nevertheless, you’ll probably have a fair few questions and concerns to address. Detailed below, you’ll find a bunch of common questions regarding social signals for SoundCloud, along with their respective answers:

FAQ for Buying Followers

For the simple reason that it takes popularity to build popularity. On platforms like SoundCloud, competition is just too ferocious to leave things to chance. You need to present yourself as credible, authentic and worthy of checking out. The more Followers you have, the more likely it is you’ll be taken seriously by your target audience on SoundCloud. Look more popular, boost your credibility and deliver a more powerful first impression – all possible through the strategic use of social proof.

If SoundCloud detects you’ve purchased Followers, you could be looking at heavy penalties, or even account closure. Hence, you need to be extremely careful and ensure you only ever buy authentic Followers from real SoundCloud accounts. Anything else could turn out to be too risky to chance.

In a word, no. Buying Followers is useful for presenting yourself as popular, credible and worth checking out. In most instances, the Followers you purchase will not listen to your music, or in any way interact with your account.

FAQ for Buying Plays

It’s up to you, but buying SoundCloud Plays is a great way of boosting the performance of your work. Once again, buying Plays immediately enhances the perceived popularity and credibility of your music. In addition, Plays also contribute to visibility and exposure on the platform. As a promotional tool therefore, SoundCloud Plays can be extremely effective.

Technically speaking, a play is just a play. Nevertheless, you still need to ensure that you buy Plays exclusively from real SoundCloud accounts. Otherwise, your actions may be detected, and you could find yourself in trouble. Use our independent recommendations to locate a reputable seller you can trust.

With most SoundCloud specialists, it’s simply a case of selecting the package of Plays you wish to buy, indicating where they should be applied and completing the payment process. They’ll then use the SoundCloud accounts within their network to deliver the Plays accordingly.

If you choose to do so, the answer is yes. Nevertheless, most SoundCloud specialists specify in their terms and conditions that you must have the permission of the respective account holder. Nevertheless, there’s technically nothing to stop you from placing an order for anyone you like.

The only realistic option would be to make the track itself private, or take it down entirely. There’s no easy way of identifying who’ s buying Plays for your tracks or where from, so stopping it from happening can be difficult.

In most instances, the answer is no – a play is simply a play and cannot be detected as purchased or otherwise. That said, if one of your tracks has earned 1 million Plays and yet has zero Comments, zero Likes, zero Reposts and so on, this is likely to set alarm bells ringing. Hence, a little strategy goes a long way, if looking to buy social signals.

As mentioned above, you need to get serious with various different types of social proof for maximum impact. Not only this, but standing out is only worthwhile if your music is good enough to get the job done. Buying Plays is nonetheless a very good way of boosting the perceived credibility and popularity of your work.

Contrary to popular belief, artists at all levels regularly buy social signals to boost their performance. Even the biggest and most successful musicians rely on social proof to build and maintain a competitive edge. Hence, to do likewise is to simply level the playing field and give yourself a fighting chance.

FAQ for Everything Else

It can be, but it’s up to you to ensure you buy authentic social proof from a tried, tested and trusted SoundCloud specialist. If the social signals you buy come from real SoundCloud accounts, you’ve nothing to worry about. If they come from fake and fraudulent accounts, you could find yourself in a world of trouble. Hence, it’s ultimately all up to you.

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