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Buy Real MediaAre you planning to buy SoundCloud Followers from Well then read our Buy Real Media review before deciding to purchase their services.
Buy Real Media
Buy Real Media ReviewBuy Real Media Review
December 26, 2019

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Buy Real Media Review


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Buy Real Media Review: In a Nutshell

SoundCloud came out of nowhere to become a true powerhouse platform for musicians. This unique social network is used by hundreds of millions of artists and music-lovers alike, creating remarkable success stories for those who make it. But with such huge competition comes the challenge of making your voice and your talent heard above the noise.

Gaining an edge on platforms like SoundCloud means presenting yourself as credible, popular and worth checking out. Which is precisely what Buy Real Media claims to specialise in. Having tried their SoundCloud services first-hand, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. In terms of overall value for money, some of the best SoundCloud services we’ve come across to date.

Buy Real Media Review: In Depth

About Buy Real Media

We hadn’t heard of Buy Real Media until one of our readers suggested we check them out. Which we did, beginning with a quick background-check. Buy Real Media was formed by a group of digital marketers in the United States, specialising in promotional products for social media. The Buy Real Media website lists hundreds of products for dozens of platforms, but for this review we were online interested in SoundCloud.

Using their online sales portal, we placed an order for 500 SoundCloud Plays, 500 SoundCloud Followers and 500 SoundCloud Likes. We figured a medium-sized combined order would give us a good idea how they perform. After which, we kept a close eye on our test SoundCloud profile to see what happened. That was 11 week ago and we’re still seriously impressed by the performance of Buy Real Media.

Service Plans

Additional services available for SoundCloud include Downloads, Comments, Reposts and many more besides. They also offer products and packages for about a dozen other social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on. Multiple products can be combined into custom packages and localised/targeted social signals are also available.

Terms and Guarantees

Before placing our order with Buy Real Media, we took a look at their terms and conditions. We’re always on the lookout for the warning signs of social sellers who hide behind complex terms of service. We were happy with the general terms published at Buy Real Media, along with the firm’s privacy policy and additional service assurances:

Terms and Conditions
  • The obligations of both the customer and the company are communicated in clear and simple terms, free from the usual jargon.
  • Buy Real Media only allows account holders and authorised users to access their products and services.
  • Services are restricted to individuals over the age of 18 and must not be used for fraudulent or unethical activities.
Privacy Policy
  • All reasonable efforts are made to ensure that the private data collected by customers is handled and stored in a responsible manner.
  • No private data is sold or distributed by Buy Real Media for marketing or promotional purposes.
Refund Policy
  • Every purchase is covered by a satisfaction guarantee, which can be invoked in instances where the products ordered do not arrive with a predetermined time period.
  • Customers will only qualify for a refund in instances where the company is wholly responsible for the delay in delivery, or the failure to deliver the products ordered.
Retention Policy
  • Buy Real Media also offers a 180-day (six months) retention warranty with every purchase. This covers lost Followers and so on for the first six months, which will be replaced for free.

Customer Support

It’s always advisable to put a seller’s customer support service to the test, if planning to do business with them. We always ask a relatively standard set of questions by email or live-chat, which enables us to measure response times, response quality and so on. In the case of Buy Real Media, response times were decent enough and we were provided with clear and concise answers to each of our questions.

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

The specific questions we asked and the answers we were provided with are outlined below:

Our Questions
When will you start adding my SoundCloud Followers?

We’ll start processing your order a soon as you complete the payment process. We usually start adding new Followers after a couple of hours.

What if I don’t see anything happening?

You will, but you can always get in touch if you have any worries. We offer a money-back guarantee if we don’t manage to get the job done as promised.

Will you need my SoundCloud password?

No – you’ll simply need to point us in the direction of your account and we’ll add your new Followers externally. No passwords needed.

Can I request a free sample?

Sadly not, we don’t offer free samples at the moment.

Will anyone be able to tell I bought SoundCloud Followers?

No, we make sure that the Followers we provide are completely convincing and look exactly the same as the real thing. So nobody will be able to tell.

Why should I buy SoundCloud services from you?

We’ve been providing these kinds of services for about 10 years now and have never let a customer down. We understand the importance of quality and back our word with a full money-back guarantee.

Can SoundCloud close my account?

No chance. There’s no realistic way of detecting the services you buy, so there’s also no way your account will be closed. It just doesn’t’ happen.

Post-Order Questions and Responses

We followed things up with a few additional questions after our order was completed, in order to see what kind of aftercare was offered. The following questions were submitted via Buy Real Media’s live-chat facility:

Our Questions
What if my Followers unfollow me?

It might happen with a few of the Followers you buy, but we’ll replace any lost Followers for free during the first 180 days.

Will the SoundCloud Followers I bought interact with my music?

Unlikely. When you buy SoundCloud Followers, it’s all about credibility and presenting yourself as popular. The Followers you buy are unlikely to take an interest in your music.

Is it safe to buy SoundCloud Followers and Plays?

Social signals in general are safe enough, just as long as you ensure they’re authentic. It’s a case of ensuring they can’t be detected, which is why we focus on quality and authenticity.

What other services for SoundCloud would you recommend?

It’s worth considering SoundCloud Downloads and Comments to maximise the impact and effectiveness of the Followers you buy. Let us know if you’d like to place an order.

Do you offer discounts on repeat orders?

Sure, just contact our support team before you place your order and we’ll send you over a discount code.

Order Recommendations

Each of the SoundCloud products we ordered from Buy Real Media was delivered promptly and displayed all the signs of authentic social proof. We therefore wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to musicians and artists at all levels. As mentioned, they also have a bunch of other services for SoundCloud available, along with most other major social networks. The prices in general are a little higher than the norm, but it’s a small price to pay for the quality of what’s on offer.

Daily Turnaround Time

We started seeing new Followers appearing on our account after around 90 minutes, which was followed by a steady stream over the next couple of days. Our entire order was complete just over 44 hours from the time of payment. Buy Real Media provided us with 523 SoundCloud Followers, 505 SoundCloud Plays and 511 SoundCloud Likes. All slightly more than we ordered, which was a pleasant surprise.

Quality of SoundCloud Followers

The quality of the SoundCloud Followers provided by Buy Real Media was extraordinary. We carefully examined at least 50 of the Followers they added to our account and every last one seemed 100% credible. Full bios, profile pictures, recent activity and so on – every bit as good as the real thing. If they’re not the real thing, they’re as close as it gets.

Retention Rate

Having been provided with more Followers, Likes and Plays than we ordered, we’re still above the 100% mark several weeks down the line. We’ll report on Buy Real Media’s retention guarantee if we invoke it at a later date.


Roughly summarised, Buy Real Media is one of few SoundCloud specialists that lives up to the hype.

Quality products, excellent service and a six-month retention warranty more than justify the slightly higher prices.


User Ratings

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Theron Harvey
You have been really great since the time of my first order with you. I can never think of any other site who can provide this consistent likes and play counts to all my tracks. You deserve all my future orders. Thank you BuyRealMedia

Andrea Richter
Getting stable likes and reposts have never been easy for me with my soundcloud account. You have delivered all the 5000 likes and I can see it every time. This make me to order with you for the second time. Wonderful service.

Jonathan Gregory
I have ordered 1000 soundcloud followers and 10000 likes to my tracks. They are delivered in perfect timing and this enhanced my soundcloud profile. Amazing delivery.

Reginald Hodgkins
As the name implies Buy Real, my 5000 followers still remains on my soundcloud account. Thank you for the real followers.

Daniel Deaver
I reluctantly ordered the 500 followers for the first time and your exceptional service made me to do the order every time. The best service I have ever seen to best of my knowledge is Buy real media. Keep it up.

Sheldon Lanza
My 1000 likes to my soundcloud tracks delivered on time and this helped me to promote my tracks well in the contest. Thank you, real media for your immense help.

Eddie Rodriguez
I ordered the 25 soundclound comments to my single track to boost it up initially. The comments were awesome and thank you for delivering in timely manner. I will buy more from Buy Real Media.

Justin Trinh
While I ordered the 10 custom comments to my soundcloud track, I forgot to get the comments to them. Buy real media support did reach me to get those comments from me in real quick time and delivered the order without any delay. This is awesome service.

Chad Brewer
With the services that I have ordered with several sites, I would call out you are best in providing the reliable service. Thank you for delivering all my followers on time. I love to order with Buy Real Media one more time.

Robert Lupo
Thank you BuyRealMedia for helping a loyal customer like me. I was struggling to do the order while I was running out of my money and budget was thin. On the positive side, your customer support helped me with the right coupon code to help me to complete the order process. It is great to experience some one understanding the situation of customer like me.