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SoundCloud Services of Distinction

Make no mistake about it – SoundCloud is the platform for aspiring artists and musicians. If looking to carve-out an inspiring success story on this remarkable platform, you first need to make your voice heard. But with millions of artists all competing for the same attention, standing out from the crowd it is easier said than done.

This is where buying SoundCloud Plays demonstrates its potential value. Success on SoundCloud is all about credibility and authority. When you buy SoundCloud Plays, you boost the perceived popularity and value of your work in an instant. As a result, those who come across your work for the first time are far more likely to take it seriously.

80+ SoundCloud Specialists Tried, Tested and Evaluated

For over five years now, we’ve been putting SoundCloud specialists from all over the world to the test. If looking to buy SoundCloud Plays to boost your performance on this extraordinary platform, we’re here to help you make a safe and informed decision.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying SoundCloud Plays

As with all marketing strategies, buying SoundCloud Plays brings certain advantages and disadvantages to the table. Before going ahead and placing your order, we recommend carefully considering the following ups and downs:



  • Above all else, your tracks need a certain number of Plays to be taken seriously. You can’t expect your work to be interpreted as credible, if very few people have already taken the time to listen to it.

  • Buying SoundCloud Plays is a great way of boosting the appeal of a new or underperforming song in an instant. Rather than presenting a song with just a handful of Plays, why not start things out with a few thousand and deliver a much more positive impression?

  • Social proof like SoundCloud Plays can be great for capitalising on the ‘bandwagon’ effect. When we come across a track that appears popular, we’re automatically inclined to listen to it ourselves, in order to find out what all the fuss is about.

  • It’s also worth remembering that platforms like SoundCloud factor social proof into their own promotional strategies. The more Plays your music attracts, the more likely it is to be promoted and recommended by SoundCloud itself.

  • SoundCloud Plays can be surprisingly affordable, yet are also capable of delivering an impressive ROI. What’s more, the positive impact is instantaneous – no waiting around for things to start happening.

  • Plays are also known to have a direct impact on the likelihood of any given track going viral. There are no guarantees, but you’re far more likely to see your work shared among a huge SoundCloud audience with plenty of Plays to enhance its appeal.



  • Buying SoundCloud Plays isn’t the same as buying active or engaged audience members. Those who play your tracks as part of the service you buy will not take an active interest in your music or your profile.

  • In addition, buying SoundCloud Plays alone isn’t sufficient to guarantee success on the platform. SoundCloud Plays are only effective when used as part of a wider marketing strategy.

  • Artists at all levels now regularly buy SoundCloud Plays, but it nonetheless remains something of a taboo subject. Hence, you need to ensure your actions remain undetected.

  • SoundCloud Plays cannot make up for a lack of talent and will not do all the hard work on your behalf. It’s up to you and you alone to produce and publish outstanding music on a regular basis.

  • Scam sellers are rife in this particular area of SoundCloud marketing. It’s your responsibility to ensure you work exclusively with top-rated and trusted SoundCloud specialists, such as those featured in our own independent listings.

Time to Buy SoundCloud Plays?

If you’re confident in the quality of your music, it could be time to boost its appeal with SoundCloud Plays. Once again, buying SoundCloud Plays can be a great way of immediately enhancing the credibility and visibility of your work. With such ferocious competition on SoundCloud, it simply makes sense the to do whatever it takes to avoid fading into the background.

Buying SoundCloud Plays is far from a rare or unusual tactic. In fact, social proof is becoming a more popular marketing tool than ever before. It’s simply a case of pinpointing the perfect social specialists for the job, which is where our exclusive listings can help.

Make Your Music Heard!

If you’re serious about building a success story on SoundCloud, you need to be willing to invest the necessary time and effort. Along with creating outstanding music, you need to get serious with the way you market yourself as an artist and the tracks you publish. SoundCloud Plays are a potentially powerful marketing tool, boosting the likelihood of your work being taken seriously by others.

For maximum impact, SoundCloud Plays should be used in conjunction with other types of social proof – SoundCloud Followers, SoundCloud Comments, SoundCloud Shares and so on. After which, it’s simply a case of letting your talent do the talking on your behalf!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

It’s a good idea to clarify any concerns or misunderstandings, before going ahead and buying SoundCloud Plays. Detailed below, you’ll find a bunch of frequently asked questions and their answers respectively:

It’s entirely up to you, but if you’re looking to boost the perceived credibility and value of your work, there’s no quicker or easier way to get the job done. Competition on SoundCloud is too intense to just sit back and expect things to happen naturally.

Technically speaking, there’s no such thing as a real or fake SoundCloud lay. Every Play on SoundCloud is a Play on SoundCloud – it’s as simple as that. Nevertheless, it’s important to ensure that the Plays you are provided with come from active and authentic SoundCloud accounts, in order to stay out of trouble.

Every SoundCloud specialist has their own unique approach to the delivery of Plays. In most instances however, it’s simply a case of placing your order and waiting for the Plays to be added to your chosen tracks over a period of a day or two.

Generally speaking, the answer is yes. Just as long as you work with a trusted social seller who knows what they’re doing, there’s very little risk to worry about. Things only become sketchy when spam sellers provide fake social proof from fraudulent and inactive accounts.

Sure, but we’d strongly advise getting their permission before doing so. Plays can only be a good thing, but you still need to ensure the respective SoundCloud account owner is happy to accept the Plays you intend to buy for them.

Unless you decide to tell them yourself, it’s not going to happen. Whether you choose to buy 100 Plays or 100,000 Plays, they’ll be completely undetectable from the real thing. Once again however, it’s important to stay safe and ensure you work with a savvy seller.

To an extent, yes. As mentioned previously, buying SoundCloud Plays is all about boosting the perceived credibility and value of your work. This will help your tracks stand out and attract attention, but it’s ultimately down to the quality of your work to determine the outcome.

Yes, and it’s nowhere near as complex or expensive as you might expect. All you need to do is pinpoint the perfect seller, decide how many you would like to buy, specify which tracks they should be applied to and watch the magic happen before your eyes.

If you work with a trusted and reputable seller, the Plays you buy will come from authentic and active SoundCloud accounts. By contrast, Plays provided by spam sellers are typically bot-generated and therefore riskier. We recommend sticking exclusively with the former of the two – use our independent listings to avoid substandard sellers at all costs.

No – buying SoundCloud Plays is simply about boosting the perceived credibility and popularity of your work. Even if you buy a million SoundCloud Plays, this doesn’t mean any of those who played your tracks will follow you, or interact with your account in any way. There’s always the option of buying SoundCloud Followers, Comments and so on, should you wish to do so.

Absolutely, but it’s up to you to ensure they’re used strategically. SoundCloud Plays represent a powerful and influential marketing tool, with potentially limitless power when implemented as part of a wider promotional strategy.

It depends on the service provider you work with, but we strongly advise against buying any social proof you suspect to be fake. Unless it comes from an authentic and active account, it could turn out to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Buying SoundCloud Plays can be useful for anyone looking to boost the performance and perceived popularity of their work. Nevertheless, it can be particularly useful for newcomers to SoundCloud, along with those struggling to make their voices heard. Instead of launching new tracks with zero Plays, why not hit the ground running and send the right message with several-thousand Plays?

It depends on who you ask, but it’s a surprisingly common tactic either way. Buying SoundCloud Plays is a marketing strategy like any other, geared towards standing out from the crowd and ensuring your work is taken seriously. Nevertheless, sceptics continue to frown upon the idea of buying social proof, so it’s a good idea to keep things quiet.

Not only is it perfectly legal to buy SoundCloud Plays, but get it right and you won’t even be breaching the platform’s terms of service. Staying safe is as simple as working with an established and reputable service provider – check out our listings for more information.

No. SoundCloud Plays are one-time-only events that cannot be reversed. Even if the respective account holder leaves the platform, the Play will remain on the respective track permanently.

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