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About Us

Looking to gain the edge on SoundCloud? No problem you just need to find a way to outshine about 10 million other artists!

Since the day SoundCloud opened its doors, we’ve tried every trick in the book to help artists get ahead. In doing so, we’ve come to know one thing:

If you’re music’s good enough, social signals take care of the rest!

We’re the opposite of musically-gifted, but we know what success on SoundCloud is all about. Popularity, credibility, reach and respect – nail all four of these and you’re golden. All you need is a reliable SoundCloud specialist in your corner, which is where we can help.

To date, we’ve trialled at least 80 social sellers who claim to specialise in SoundCloud. Of the dozens we’ve worked with, only a handful have earned our approval. So if you’re out to get the job done without risking your reputation, our independent listings have you covered!

Make no mistake about it – SoundCloud could be your ticket to the big time.

Just don’t forget who helped you get there, if you suddenly find yourself on Forbes Rich List!

“I got started with SoundCloud pretty late (Summer 2018), but I can absolutely vouch for these guys as the real-deal. I took their advice and hired help to set things moving, which quickly helped us build a solid audience and a good deal of interest in our music. I’m about a million miles from fame and fortune, but it’s all forward movement – cheers fellas!” - Steve Nicol

“I use SoundCloud on behalf of a band I promote and it’s never brought us much business. Or at least, it never used to. We’ve booked a ton of gigs and sold loads more merchandise since reaching out for help. It all worked so well we’re just about to place a new order – highly-recommended!” - Jon Champion