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The Key to Success on SoundCloud

For artists at all levels, SoundCloud is the world’s most powerful and influential social platform. From first-time newcomers to the most established musicians worldwide, SoundCloud provides the opportunity to build a following and get your music heard by all the right people.

Unfortunately, standing out from the crowd with such ferocious competition can be difficult. If looking to gain a competitive edge and avoid fading into the background, you need all the help you can get.

Not to mention, all the SoundCloud Followers you can lay your hands on.

We’ve Put More Than 80 SoundCloud Specialists to the Test!

Over the past five years, we’ve invested heavily in a series of evaluations, putting leading SoundCloud specialists through their paces. We set out to discover which sellers were capable of delivering reliable social proof at an affordable price, rather than the usual spam.

The Pros and Cons of Buying SoundCloud Followers

Anyone looking to buy SoundCloud Followers would be wise to first consider the pros and cons. Get it right with SoundCloud Followers and you could be looking at an immediate and permanent performance-boost. Nevertheless, it’s up to you to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages ahead of time – a roundup of which you’ll find below:



  • Buying SoundCloud Followers can be great for getting a new or underperforming account off the ground. Rather than attempting to build credibility with little to no Followers, it’s far easier to attract attention if you have an established audience on SoundCloud.

  • It’s worth remembering that social media in general is little more than a popularity contest. The more popular you appear on SoundCloud, the more likely you are to be taken seriously by others.

  • SoundCloud itself also takes social proof into consideration, when determining who to promote and which tracks to publicise. More Followers meaning more exposure for you and your music.

  • Rather than waiting months or even years for Followers to begin finding you organically, it simply makes sense to set the wheels in motion with a quick and easy investment.

  • Speaking of which, SoundCloud Followers can also be surprisingly affordable, delivering a huge ROI when used appropriately.

  • If you do go ahead and buy SoundCloud Followers, you won’t be the minority. Thousands of major and minor artists alike now regularly buy Followers to boost their performance.



  • As for the downsides, the SoundCloud Followers you buy won’t actually interact with your music. They’re simply there to increase the numbers, boosting your perceived credibility and popularity.

  • Buying Followers alone does not guarantee success on SoundCloud. To deliver a strong and lasting impression, you will also need to accumulate plenty of Plays, Shares, Comments and so on.

  • If you make the mistake of buying spam Followers from a substandard service provider, you run the risk of penalisation. Your account could be suspended or even closed.

  • You also need to be careful when selecting which SoundCloud specialist you work with, given how many scam sellers are in operation right now. Stray from our independent recommendations at your own risk!

Should You Buy SoundCloud Followers?

If you’re confident in the quality of your work but somehow struggle to attract the right attention, the answer is yes – you should probably think about buying social proof. When you think about it, you automatically make snap judgments about the artists and musicians you come across, simply based on their popularity. The more Followers they’ve attracted to date, the more likely you are to view them as credible and worthy of your time.

When you buy SoundCloud Followers, you simply enhance your perceived value and credibility in the eyes of others. This means those who come across your profile and your music are more likely to take the time to check you out listen to your tracks. After which, it’s down to your talent to do the talking.

Make Your Voice Heard!

Building a success story on SoundCloud is all about nailing three things – the quality of your music, building the right image and engaging those who take an interest in you. If the quality of your music is up to scratch, social proof can take care of the rest. When you buy SoundCloud Followers, you simply take the initiative to make your voice heard by all the right people.

All the social proof in the world isn’t going to make up for poor-quality music. But if you’ve got the talent it takes to make a name for yourself, social proof could be your ticket to the big time.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

It’s natural to have reservations about buying social proof, given the importance of preserving your reputation and professional image. Below, you’ll find a roundup of some of the most common questions we encounter, along with their respective answers:

If looking to boost your credibility and visibility on SoundCloud, the answer is yes. Unless you already have an audience of an impressive size, you can’t expect anyone to your music to take you seriously. Particularly for newcomers and those struggling to make their voices heard, buying SoundCloud Followers can make a real difference.

It all depends on who you buy them from. While some sellers offer nothing more than bot-generated follower from inactive and fraudulent accounts, others exclusively sell 100% authentic Followers from genuine SoundCloud accounts. For the sake of your reputation, we strongly advise sticking with the latter and avoiding fake Followers at all costs.

The typical delivery strategy is relatively simple. You place your order, complete the payment process and the Followers you buy are then delivered over the course of a day or two. The delivery process is spread out over a couple of days, in order to avoid detection.

Things only become risky if you make the mistake of working with a spam seller. If you attempt to boost your credibility with Followers that are clearly fake and non-existent, you could be headed for trouble. Nevertheless, stick with authentic Followers and there’s really no risk involved.

If you choose to do so, sure you can. We’d strongly advise getting their permission beforehand, but most sellers will happily add Followers to the SoundCloud account of your choosing. After all, it’s not as if you’re doing them anything but a favour.

Prices vary enormously from one social seller to the next, but it’s important to be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. If you come across a SoundCloud specialist offering Followers for next to nothing, chances are they’re fake…and therefore should be avoided.

Only if you buy low-quality Followers that are obviously sourced from inactive and fraudulent accounts. Leading social sellers go the extra mile to ensure that their services are undetectable – stick with our own top-rated sellers and you’re safe.

Unfortunately not. Buying SoundCloud Followers is all about boosting the perceived value, credibility and popularity of your profile and your work. It’s highly unlikely that the Followers you buy will actually listen to your music or interact with your account in any way. They might, but it’s unlikely.

It does, but only when used as part of a wider initiative. For example, buying SoundCloud Followers isn’t going to make any difference if the music you produce is garbage. In addition, a huge audience of SoundCloud Followers doesn’t look particularly convincing where there’s a glaring lack of Plays, Comments, Shares and so on. SoundCloud Followers should be seen as a component in your wider marketing strategy, which when used appropriately can work wonders.

As already touched upon, it’s important to ensure you stick with authentic SoundCloud Followers from real and active accounts. There are various different types of Followers available, though most are generated by way of bots and follow-back schemes. In both instances, they’re far too easy to detect and stand to land you in a world of trouble. Unless the seller can guarantee 100% authentic SoundCloud Followers, it isn’t worth bothering.

Assuming you buy real Followers on SoundCloud, it’s possible that some of them may unfollow you as time passes. This is the price you pay for buying genuine SoundCloud Followers, though you may be covered by a retention warranty for a certain period of time. Check what the seller has to say regarding retention guarantees, before going ahead and placing your order.

Once again, buying SoundCloud Followers is only effective when combined with quality music and a wider promotional strategy. But as far as boosting your perceived popularity and credibility goes, buying SoundCloud Followers is a fantastic way of delivering the right impression.

In a word, no. If you suspect for one moment that the Followers you’re looking to buy are fake, don’t make the mistake of buying them. Even if things seem to be going your way early on, your account could be suspended or permanently closed when SoundCloud detects what you’ve been up to.

Used strategically, anyone could benefit by buying SoundCloud Followers. Nevertheless, buying Followers can be particularly effective for newcomers, or existing artists struggling to build an initial fan-base. It’s all about setting things moving in the right direction, appearing more popular and improving your image. When you buy SoundCloud Followers, you increase your likelihood of being taken seriously by your target audience.

It’s down to you and you alone to avoid scam sellers. Rather than taking unnecessary risks, we strongly advise sticking with our independent listings of the most reliable and reputable sellers on the web right now. SoundCloud scams only occur when buyers let their guard down and fail to carefully evaluate what the seller brings to the table.

Absolutely not. There are no laws in place that restrict the purchase of SoundCloud Followers, or any other type of social proof. That said, you need to ensure that the seller you work with abides by the terms of service set out buy SoundCloud. If not, you could be putting your account of risk by working with them.

SoundCloud will only remove the Followers you purchase should it be detected that you have purchased them. In which case, you’ll also be staring suspension or account closure in the face. All of which can be avoided by exclusively buying 100% authentic SoundCloud Followers, which are 100% undetectable from the real thing.

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